Sea Sports


Sport in mare e in laguna

The sea and the lagoon offer tourists many activities for adults and children. Find out which ones!



Kayak excursions in the canals of the South Lagoon in Chioggia or along the coast line of Pellestrina are unforgettable experiences.
Kayaking is a healthy sport for everyone, the only obligation to know how to swim.

Also paddling between the canals of Chioggia and a jewel which is the South Lagoon gives a different perspective both of the lagoon and of the city!

Sailing on the inland waterways, you can admire nearby monuments such as Fort San Felice, the Church of San Domenico, the squeri, the Civic Museum, the Cathedral and, entering Riva Vena, the Church of SS. Trinity, the bell tower of Sant’Andrea, Palazzo Grassi and the Ponte di Vigo.

Instead, sailing along the coastal line of the island of Pellestrina you can enjoy breathtaking lagoon views and you can breathe the quiet atmosphere of the fishing village.


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Address: Via Pigafetta 352/A, 30015 Chioggia (VE)

Address: Via G. Zarlino 10, 30015 Chioggia (VE)


Telephone numbers:

+39 339 4667395 (Casson Guglielmo),

+39 3470929934 (Lorella)




Address: Borgo S. Giovanni, Riva Lusenzo Sud, 30015 Chioggia (VE)


Phone: +39 366 3906 256

Phone: +39 041 5547431



Get closer to the world of surfing and kitesurfing during your holiday in Sottomarina. Contact the instructors to learn while having fun and to give your holiday a more dynamic touch!


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A.S.D. Spinout

Address: Lungomare Adriatico di Sottomarina, 30015 (VE)



+39 041 5541241

+39 393 5086580



The sup is an easy sport and suitable for everyone, young and old. Contact the instructors for more information on the courses and start a new fun journey!


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Address: Stabilimento Balneare Zanzibar Music Beach, Lungomare Adriatico, Sottomarina 30015 (VE)


Phone: +39 328 6550050

Cycle Tourism




Discovering the Lidos of Chioggia and its surroundings by bike is a unique experience that is not to be missed.

The towns of Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isolaverde offer numerous possibilities for bicycle lovers, thanks to many routes that go into a beautiful lagoon landscape, all very simple.


The cycle / pedestrian walk around the Lusenzo lagoon allows you to venture out on a bike, walking or running in this beautiful 5.3 km circuit, surrounded by nature and far from traffic. Entry points are at the Citadel of Justice, on the Union Island and near the Palazzetto.

In the city map you can find indicated with a red line all the cycle paths, including the one on the Lungomare Adriatico.

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After visiting the original historical center of Chioggia you can continue your journey to discover the islands of Venice, equipped with a bicycle. Starting from the embarkation of public transport which is just a few steps from the characteristic Ponte Vigo, it is possible to reach the nearby island of Pellestrina by ferry boat.

Here you can cycle among the particular fishermen’s houses painted in bright colors or have the good fortune to meet the ladies who work with the pillow.

At the end of the island, at the port of S. Pietro in Volta you can board again and reach the island of Lido, where the transition from the naturalistic oasis of the Alberoni to the real center of the Lido alternates with palaces which frame the renowned International Film Festival.

From the Lido you wait for the ferry boat to return to the departure boarding point, or you can reach the nearby island of Sant’Erasmo.

By visiting the link below you can find the details of the route:

Hotel 3 Stelle a Sottomarina di Chioggia

Venice’s islands bike lane


From Chioggia it is possible to get into nature thanks to the cycling route towards the Po Delta, crossing Rosolina Mare, Porto Viro and Adria up to the park populated by numerous species of water birds, including the famous pink flamingos.

By visiting the link below you can find the details of the route:

Cycle path of the valleys

Horse riding




From the coast to the rivers, the territory of Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isolaverde offers the possibility of beautiful walks in all seasons, on the shore, among the gardens, along the banks of the rivers, in the thermophilous wood. Here the choice is open to numerous nature trails that can be traveled on horseback, with the style of slow travel, to enjoy the landscape of low lands dedicated to horticulture, the mouths of the rivers Brenta and Bacchiglione, dell’Adige, the Reserve Natural Integrated of Bosco Nordio, of the beautiful coast of Isolaverde or Sottomarina, and finally enjoy the aromas and typical products.

The flat routes of the area are more simple and run along the rivers courses such as the Adige and the Brenta, and the coasts of the southern lagoon of Venice.
Horse riding is a different and suggestive way to explore and learn about these areas and spend a holiday of nature and sport.

Before embarking on any journey, it is advisable to contact the reference horse center to possibly avail of an equestrian guide and for detailed information regarding the practicability and possible difficulties of the route.


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Equestrian Center “Tenuta Santa Grazia”

Address: Via delle Nazioni Unite, Località Isolaverde 30015 Chioggia (VE)

Phone: +39 335 5811315

Sport Centers



Centri Sportivi

Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isolaverde not only offer culture, beach and relaxation, but also allow sports lovers to choose from a wide variety of activities especially thanks to the presence of various sports centers and appropriate facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, fields from soccer, beach volley and beach soccer fields.

All facilities are absolutely practical and easy to reach because they are located on the Lungomare in the center of Sottomarina.